What The Best Online Marketing Strategy Truly Is: Working Online: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

Back in May of 2016 Amazon made some moves with its Kindle Store that showed me very plainly two things. Firstly: Amazon, and other companies like it, only care about their own bottom line; their commitment to Self-Publishers, Affiliate Marketers and other sellers they have partnerships with being a secondary consideration when it comes to their desire to make ever more money. Secondly: With the lay of the land being what it is for those of us trying to make a few dollars online; one really does need to understand that the life-style that many Internet Companies claim that can be had “has nothing to do with you.

The only real way to make money online is to have a love for writing at the very least. If you don’t like to write you might as well forget about the internet as a viable resource for generating an income for yourself.

If you do like to at least write; you need to carefully consider what it is that you like to write about. This is important because the next step will be to ask yourself what it is that you have to offer.

What can you personally do for people who find you online? What do you have to offer that can be turned into a cash transaction for yourself?

  • Is it a unique product you make?
  • A service you have to offer?
  • Information you have that folks would be willing to pay for?

It is your writing that will help you to market what your special products or talents and other services truly are; determining the audience who will discover you. And, “No,” currently you really don’t want to copy anything someone else is already doing beyond principles.

The sage advice that many so called internet marketing gurus are offering is that you copy what’s already been done. But, if you look around you; do you know anyone who has ever made it big, “And stayed big,” copying what’s already been done? Why do you think the internet has become the junkyard that it is today?

If you love to write and think you are going to make money selling other people’s stuff through Affiliate Marketing and other means, “Forget it.” Millions of people are already trying to do that; their sites looking like minefields with the banner ads and other links through programs like Google’s AdSense. And, do you really think that companies like Google are going to offer you a fair shake or even shot at earning a decent dollar amount you can live on?

Bottom line: Only God may be your best friend out here. You are only going to make progress on the internet if you are willing to recognize that you will only ever get rich financially if it is God’s will for you to be so. And, “If you are sharing a personal relationship with the Lord,” it will be He who lets you know if the internet is the right market place for you; not the jackass down the street claiming to have certifications from Google that the company doesn’t offer.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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