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Because of my own profession; online security has always been of great importance to me. So, when folks give me their email address and other personal information I tend to hold it in high regard; insuring that steps are taken to protect it.

Therefor; it concerns me when I receive an email that has the address of every person it was sent or forwarded to, exposed for all to see. If you yourself are one who engages in this practice don’t feel bad because, “You are not alone.” Lots of people pass our personal information around along with their own without even blinking.

Why Failing To Hide Email Addresses In A Group Email Is Dangerous.

As it is; a fair amount of information can be gotten legally with just a name and email address. But, don’t take my word for it. Ask any detective in your local police department.

At the very least; someone you don’t know on a multi recipient email list your address was on could be collecting and selling your name and address to the highest bidder for a fast buck. The end result of this action could be you receiving a few hundred spam emails a day from folks interested in jacking your banking information, or, simply using other creative ploys to illegally get into your wallet . However, these aren’t the only negative things that can happen to a soul because their name and private email address were exposed to the world via careless emailing habits, both on the behalf of organizations and private citizens alike.

People’s Rights To Cyber Safety Includes Proper Email Handling.

While we all do give out our email addresses and other “personal” information to people; we have the right to control who gets it and who doesn’t. Our friends, family and associates also have the right to expect that the information given to us stays with us; only to be globally distributed with their authorization. Naturally, too, this also means that folks have the right to ask anyone to stop using their address for any reason, with a reasonable expectation of having that request honored, as well.

How To Hide Email Addresses In Group Emails Using BCC.

Hiding the addresses of multiple recipients in a single email intended for a group is simply achieved by using the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) line during the composition of your multi recipient emails. Even if you are using an email client like Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2016, or some other method for accessing and sending email; there’s a truck load of information online, with sites offering tips and tricks on how to best perform a variety of tasks involving the usage of email. So, if the BCC line doesn’t seem to be there when you are composing an email via your favorite method of email account access; someone online more than likely has a guide on how to make it readily available for use with your particular scenario.

Once you’ve figured out how to access the BCC line you would simply add your would-be email recipient’s there; taking care to add your own email address to the “To” line.

Adding your own email address to the “To” Line insures that your email message is more likely to be received by everyone without getting hung up in their email spam filters. Emails that only use the BCC line, without a valid email address in the “To” line (standard line for sending messages) are usually automatically flagged as spam by most email systems on the Internet.

Of course, when sending messages in this manner, this means that you will always end up with an email from you to you. However, for the sake of a successful email campaign, it’s better to do that rather than have a bunch of people angry at you for sending their private email address to complete strangers without asking for permission, “First!”

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