Social Network Tip That Saves Blind And Sighted People Trouble: Working Online: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

I’ve used Facebook and even LinkedIn in the past for the purposes of doing some cold contacting to grow my friend list a bit. However, as blind people, we all know that the sound of a voice is worth a million words and human interaction is key when attempting to determine who we’d like to associate with.

When you are blind and on any social bookmarking site looking to meet people for business, or even personal reasons; text is all you’ve got. No sound, “Just words typed on a page to start with.” So, what can you do?

Well, how about getting an account with a company that enables you to do background checks on people? Yeah! You’d have to spend a few bucks a month to do this but that’s better than being taken for several dollars more or worse, “Right?”

While it’s true that I’ve since determined that my Social Bookmarking Accounts were of little value to me, as both a Self-Publishing Author and Webhost Service Provider; I will tell you this. Having the ability to do unlimited basic background checks on people for one monthly fee, even for sighted people, can be a real eye opener. Folks who say they are business people will lie through their teeth about everything from where their home town is to where they are currently living, their age, relatives, and that’s even if they are using their real name at all!

True, some people who are using their social bookmarking accounts might make up stuff just to remain somewhat anonymous to folks other than who they want to be found by. However, in networking for the purpose of business, this just doesn’t fly.

I’ve seen the profiles of some internet based business owners who claimed to work for companies they didn’t, were the CEO’s of corporations that didn’t exist and so on.

However, although something priced at a reasonable monthly fee, like an Intelius Premier Account, doesn’t give us the ability to research businesses; it does help one to verify whether or not someone is telling the truth about the basics (name, age, home town, current place of residence, etcetera). If folks can’t be bothered to tell the truth about this stuff in their public profile than they aren’t worth contacting let alone responding to a communication from.

True. Sometimes we can take all of the precautions in the world but that doesn’t mean we’re still not going to be fooled. However, if you are a blind individual who is serious about making solid connections with folks online via a social bookmarking business model; having an Intelius account, or something similar, will go a long way towards insuring that you are dealing with real people rather than wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing.

If you have a paid account via any of the people search type companies out there you will still want to use the internet to verify as much of the paid for information as you can because sometimes not all information provided through a paid service is one-hundred percent accurate. However, the information you do get will arm you with enough credible knowledge to spot the frauds and find the right people in a reasonably short amount of time, if you are a somewhat savvy internet and screen reader user.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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