What Sussex County NJ Blind People Can Do For A Job Opportunity: Working Online: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

As I work on my book summaries and other projects; I often find that I just can’t help but laugh to myself about a constantly recurring question, which I have no doubt that I will be continually asked in future. “Why don’t you work for your parents business?”

Now, employing their own just might seem to be the logical course of action for any parent of a visually impaired son or daughter to take if they are a business owner. However, there are many parents who own businesses and have visually impaired sons and daughters. These parents do not hire their own kids. “Why is that?”

Well… The reasons are wide and varying.

However, in general terms, I think that most people forget how we are all brought up to view life. Folks forget very quickly that the current social model is still built around “working for someone else” rather than working for yourself.

Then there is the fact that even family owned businesses are still, “Businesses,” and therefore follow the traditional model of an American corporation. And, “What do we know about American Corporations and even non-profit corporations in the twenty-first century?”

Many small, medium and large companies are operated by folks who look at things from the position of “employer” and more or less view their employees as mindless servants whom they have to pay to perform specific tasks. These tasks make up a position within the company and there is no room for doing anything any other way, even if it might make things easier on both “employer” and the “employee” on their payroll. Organizations that are designed to help the “differently abled” operate in this fashion as well.

So, when someone who is differently abled comes along, even if they are a family member, “They still have to fit into a cookie cutter type mold or they just don’t fit at all.” However, “It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault that things work out this way.” After all, “Business is and always will be business.”

However, there’s a trend in corporate America that just might work to the advantage of the differently abled and that is, “Outsourcing.” More and more companies are hiring other companies to handle certain aspects of their operations. These subcontractors save a corporation from having to devise a system to manage certain parts of an operation because the subcontractor already has one in place; hardware, software and all.

So! If you are differently abled and able to find a niche market that allows you to provide a service to one or more corporations, you are good to go. However, you are the one responsible for making sure your tools are in working order.

Many folks will have a problem with this. But, the alternative is not being able to be productively paid at all. If you were me, “Which would you prefer?”

“Hey!” Let’s face it. Whether you are providing something a business or individual wants, “They all become customers rather than employers in the end.” At least under the guise of an independent contractor or subcontractor, “You get to work in a way that works for both your customer and you as a blind person.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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