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If you are a Self-Publishing Author like me and are struggling; you’ve probably reached that point where it seems like, “No matter what I do it’s just never going to be good enough.” There are a variety of reasons for hitting this point. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which is easily seen if one is willing to return to basics a bit.

Personally; my parents used to constantly remind me when I was growing up that, “I would have to work twice as hard as everyone else to do the same things because they could see and I couldn’t.” This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But because of the mentality it had set up in my own mind; trusting myself to publish books was difficult at times.

To this day; I still check, double check and recheck what I’ve already double checked. However, unlike in the past, when I was pretty much feeling burned out by the end of a books completion, these days I actually do feel pretty good about it all.

It’s not that I never liked what I did. “I loved it,” and still do. Seeing sales take off on a book I’ve put my very soul into is nothing short of Awesome!

However, even though the process I go through can still be tiring at times, “I know that I’m producing a quality product when all is said and done!” In fact; I’m wagering that what I’ve been producing since the beginning of 2014 has been some of my best work yet and am looking forward to improving my craft to a point where it is better still.

The change? “Me.” I’ve learned to basically, “Let go and let God.” This concept probably sounds a bit strange for many. However, “There it is.”

But, when you consider how I was brought up to think I had to work twice as hard as everyone else to do the same things they do, “I think it will make perfect sense to you in a moment.” It can actually be summed up in the words written by David J. Schwartz in a book called, “The Magic Of Thinking Big.”

Mr. Schwartz wrote in his book, first published in 1959, more or less that, “The people around you are only half as smart as you have been led to believe they are and you are twice as smart as you think.” Therefore; since there is more than just a Kernel of truth in David Schwartz’s statement, I’ve adopted the mindset that, all though it might disturb some folks to hear it, “Most people only put half an effort into performing a mediocre job making my work stand out because it’s twice the quality.”

After all, “Smart” people put one-hundred percent of themselves into their work when a job needs to be done, “Right?” Therefore, if the folks around you are only “half as smart as you” that would mean they do work that is “half-assed” in comparison to yours much of the time, “Right?”

Well, even if you’re shaking your head at this point, Mr. Schwartz’s original idea has led to an adoption of a philosophy on my end that certainly does help me to avoid burnout on a regular bases. Therefore, when the deck seems like it’s totally stacked against me as I write, edit and then prepare to publish; I take the time to stop what I’m doing and ask God, “What’s going on here?” Besides, since I’m already programmed to work twice as hard as everyone else; why wouldn’t I stop and talk to God? I mean; by the time I’m finished chatting with him I’d still have plenty of time left to do the same amount of work as the next person.

This stopping to talk to God has become an invaluable habit. Getting involved in my Local church and talking with God as a part of a congregation has certainly helped my work load seem much lighter, too. Some would say it’s because I’m taking a break from my work. However, if you don’t take the time to confer with the creator of the Universe and show him a little appreciation from time to time, “Do you honestly think he’s going to let you have an easy time of it?”

Our deadlines aren’t always God’s deadlines. Our ideas aren’t always what God had in mind. Our capital ventures aren’t always God’s capital ventures.

So, by allowing God to be a part of my work, “I get the best of two worlds.” I get to create a quality product that is released when God wants me to release it. Plus I get the added benefit of producing something of quality without running myself into the ground physically and emotionally as I complete it.

In working with God on my writing projects the time is far more enjoyable. The ideas and silly mistakes, which once would have driven me nuts, often turn out to work in my favor way more than what they ever used to. So, if you are feeling like your writing is going nowhere and you are banging your head up against the wall; perhaps it’s time for you to, “Let go and let God.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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