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If you are searching for a block domain list for use with cPanel; I am happy to say that I can save you the trouble of having to spend hours on figuring out how to prevent anything other than the usual Top Level Domains from sending you emails. If you don’t know anyone who would send you an email from a domain ending in .link, .science, .work, or even a .biz and so on; they can all easily be blocked from the cPanel interface with ease.

During my research; I really must say that it was entertaining for me to read through all of the stuff that was posted in the forums when I couldn’t find what I wanted in the SpamAssassin or cPanel software documentation. Leave it to a programmer to come up with unnecessary file modifications to a program that could be made to do the same thing “better” via the usual interface. Fortunately, this is my thing so, “The time spent on the project really flew!”

All you need to do is log into your cPanel and click on, “Account level filtering.” There you will want to hit the link that says, “Create a new filter.” Once you’ve done that you will be presented with a screen that gives you some options.

Basically what you are going to do is use the options provided to tell the system that you want filtering to stop for the TLD you want to let through. You can do this for more than one TLD. However, you will want to make sure that you let the system know that, “If the from line in an email contains .com or .net or .org (etcetera) it is to stop filtering.” This filter will allow .com or .net or .org (etcetera) to pass through to your inbox.

After you are done creating that filter and have told the system to save it you will then create a second new filter that tells the system that, “If the from line in an email does not contain .com or .net or .org (etcetera) it is to fail with message.”

When you set this second filter to fail all other top level domains sent to you with a message; cPanel gives you the option to customize the failure message. If you can; it would be in your best interests to keep it short and sweet.

My failure message for rejected Top Level Domain Names reads like this. “Please call Brian Schnabel at (973) 862-4683 to obtain authorization for sending future messages to this address.”

I’ve done this in case someone who has an oddball TLD really does have a real reason for reaching me. I’ve not included my email in this message because they would only get rejected again; regardless as to which email address I’ve given them, which is associated with my domain name.

I feel totally at ease giving them a phone number to call because most spammers are too gutless to pick up a phone anyway. Besides, “God’s creation of voicemail has turned out to be a beautiful thing.”

Keep in mind; both your filters we’ve just talked about creating must contain the exact same information regarding what is in the from line. If these filters don’t match they will not work properly for you.

Also; if you’ve already got another filter set up for handling messages based on spam scoring or specific words, these two filters must come after all that. They should function fine for you at the end of your list, with the failure message filter being the second of the pair we’ve just talked about setting up.

If you have any trouble making this work; simply give me a call at (973) 862-4683. So long as you can speak clearly in English and live anywhere in the USA I will be happy to help you at no charge.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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2 thoughts on “Block All Unwanted TLD Emails With Ease: cPanel: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All of those new gTLDs are nothing but a pain. We didn’t need them, they look like they’ll cause a lot of confusion, and they only seem to be useful to spammers.

    I had previously built a rule just like yours to block messages where the From line doesn’t contain .com, .org, .edu, .net, or .gov but it ended up blocking ALL email for some reason. Creating two rules with the conditions you’ve given work perfectly. No more SPAM from .crap TLDs!

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