WordPress 301 Wildcard Redirect Not Working Solution: cPanel: Accessible Web Host’s 101.

When it comes to doing redirects; Anyone who’s a customer of a company like HostGator might have noticed that they don’t always work. This is particularly true where WordPress and Wildcard Redirects are concerned using cPanel.

The reason for this is simple. The way HostGator and other companies have their servers configured; any time you wish to do a redirect…

  • The location you are redirecting visitor’s away from must have all files and directories, which make up the URL, physically present; properly arranged in the root directory of the server.
  • WordPress’s Permalink structure must be set to something other than, “Plain.”

Therefore, you must have a somewhat functioning static version of your WordPress Powered site on hand for redirects to work via cPanel configuration, “Without using up server resources.” If you attempt to use scripts some folks say will work in the htaccess file, to bypass the server configuration, chances are pretty good that you will eventually find yourself in hot water with HostGator, and other companies, for any number of reasons. This holds particularly true for all of us who operate our sites in a shared server environment.

If it’s a matter of managing redirects with regard to a moved post in the WordPress environment; WordPress already handles moved posts on its own. So long as you have moved a post without deleting it, “You should be ok.”

However, if you are attempting to move a WordPress powered site, or even a part of a WordPress powered site, to a new domain; you will need to have a static version of the entire site, or section of the site you are moving uploaded to the source domain, “First.”

It should also be noted; where the movement of partial sites is concerned, “You cannot have any static directories and files that match URLS generated by WordPress.” If you do then WordPress will not function properly.

“So,” if it is your entire WordPress site that you are redirecting, “You’ll want to dismantle it before uploading the static version and setting up your 301 redirect in cPanel.” If you are only moving a part of the WordPress site to a new domain; you will want to disable the portion of the site you are moving before uploading the static version of that section and setting up your 301 redirect in cPanel, as well.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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