Online Successes Know How To Navigate Websites Without A Mouse: Web Design: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

Can you finger yourself through your own web site? In other words, “Can you manage getting around your web site with the key board alone?”

This is one of those Essential Elements you need to pay attention to in order to be certain that you are creating a section 508 web site. Every browser that runs in Windows has a set of keyboard commands that you can use to test this. If the site is not usable with just the keyboard than I don’t think I really need to tell you that you are screwing yourself out of about ten to fifteen million customers ever being interested in buying a product or service from you, “Do I?”

Can you afford to ignore that size audience? I know Target and other companies like them thought they could! Hell, they not only fought to ignore that audience, “They lost even more money doing it!”

Following Section 508 Guidelines Is Cheap, easy and profitable, too. It’s kind of like the indirect way of getting more federal Stimulus Money. This is because about seventy to eighty percent of the sight impaired don’t work and get a monthly check from Uncle Sam; enabling them the ability to buy many more products and services then you might think.

Not sure how to surf the web with just a keyboard and, “No mouse?” Not a problem. There are free tutorials online that will provide you with the essential keyboard commands on how to achieve this. These tutorials are often provided by the manufacturers of web browsers right on their own respective websites; probably even accessible via the help icon provided in the browser you are viewing this page with right now.

Keep in mind, too, that blind people are probably a small part of the population that you are ignoring by failing to insure that your site is accessible. So, you can either learn to insure that your fingers really can do the walking through your own website, or else just turn down the opertunity to increase your audience by millions, “Today.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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  1. Have found, as a sighted person, that there are some activities in which a mouse is ineffective. Just need to learn more keyboard tricks!

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