How Sussex County NJ Web Designers Are Screwing Professionals: Web Design: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

I noticed in the spring of 2014, while assisting someone with a computer problem they were having, that Yahoo had begun using different servers to handle traffic from different parts of the country. This in and of itself means nothing because load distribution across multiple servers is essential to keeping a high traffic site like Yahoo up and running. However, upon a bit of further investigation I realized that they had undoubtedly (like Google) begun processing people’s searches based upon their street address more or less integrating this capability into the technology they were already using for load management purposes.

For example; if you are looking for vacuum cleaner bags in South Carolina; sites that have domain names registered in the South Carolina area where the searcher lives come up higher on the list of search results the search engine displays for the search term, “Vacuum cleaner bags.” In the past; your IP address would have been used to determine which server carrying a version of Yahoo’s (or Google’s) website you would be sent to when you typed in their address for load management purposes. Now, however, they’ve gotten smarter.

So, with everything being about giving a searcher the best quality of search results, this also means that any Web Designer who tells a business owner that they will get their site in the top ten listings on Google, Yahoo, or Bing under general keywords “Is full of crap!”

No web development company can make good on a guarantee like that without doing long term damage to your domain name’s credibility. So, yeah! You can spend big bucks today and the company that took your money might be able to get you in the top ten for a few weeks on a certain few keywords specific to your industry. But… Beyond that? The techniques used in many instances are more than likely going to get you blacklisted on the search engines down the line.

Also, because results are being determined based on where someone is in the world there is no way anyone can tell you your site will appear in the top ten of Google, Yahoo or Bing, when searched for on any computer in the US, with any kind of legitimacy. Plus, there are only ten places you could possibly be in the top ten of any search engine. So, if a web design company or programmer is telling three hundred clients, all in the same industry you are in, the same story, “How the hell do you get three hundred different sites in the top ten of any given search engine?”

It is essential that anyone who reads this understand what I’m saying here because it would seem that many people are continually taken advantage of by web design firms and tech savvy individuals alike. Even the most intelligent business owner can get screwed easily these days simply because they don’t fully understand basic internet marketing strategies.

So! Web site Owners and computer operators in general, “Beware!” If you are being offered expensive Search Engine Optimization services as a part of your webhosting, maintenance  and design package(like six-hundred bucks or more a month) and it all sounds too good to be true, “It probably isn’t good or true at all!” Even if you are being offered computer software for a nominal fee that is supposed to make your dreams of getting rich off the internet come true, “Don’t touch it.”

I’ve already offended at least one computer programmer here in the Sussex County, Newton, NJ area by pointing the above facts out. However, the offense that other Web Developers, Designers and Computer Programmers take to what I’ve written here only tells me one thing for certain. “What I’m saying is true and they know what they are doing is dead wrong.”

If you are a business owner or individual who is considering investing a good chunk of change on a website and would like to talk with me more about this subject you are more than welcome to give me a call. My number is on the sidebar of this site and I would be happy to talk with you so long as you can speak clear English and are a legal adult resident of the USA. Whatever you decide to do just remember that, “In God we can always trust.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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