Trouble Pasting When Using JAWS For Windows 18.0.2530 In Microsoft Word 2016: Windows Software: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

On Thursday, February 23, 2017 at around 3:05 PM, I called Freedom Scientific’s tech support about a problem I have been having with JAWS 18 since installing Office 365 back in December 2016; speaking to the young woman who answered the phone. When I explained to her what my problem was, and that it was occurring when I used JAWS 18 yet not Narrator, on both machines I tested; I just couldn’t believe my ears when she sat there and told me it wasn’t a problem with JAWS and that I needed to talk to the accessibility folks over at Microsoft.

The problem is that the paste options menu that one normally gets when right clicking to copy keeps hanging around after pasting anywhere in a Microsoft Word 2016 document; JAWS sometimes speaking, “Paste Recovery Table,” when the menu appears. This problem sometimes persists even after the escape key has been used to get out of the menu. It doesn’t occur every single time you cut, copy, and paste in word 2016. But it does become a royal pain in the ass, at least for me, once a day with Microsoft Word, which I do use quite a bit.

The Paste Options Menu persistently appears after pasting when one uses the control key in conjunction with the arrow keys to move between paragraphs; although it intermittently makes an appearance sometimes when one uses the control key in conjunction with the arrow keys to move between words. Once it starts it’s kind of hard to stop; often requiring a Word 2016 document to be closed and then opened again. Not even killing JAWS makes it stop once it gets going.

“Now!” While the best recommendation that Freedom Scientific’s tech could provide me with was to call Microsoft’s Accessibility Technical Support; even after making remarks about how JAWS probably handles things copied to the clip board differently than narrator, “That still doesn’t resolve the immediate problem.” However, while some would sit there and portion blame, I have book summaries and other things to upload to my website in an effort to support my own online endeavors; personally and professionally.

“So!” How does one get around this problem of the paste menu harassing them after they use the control key and arrow keys after pasting.? The Answer is simple. Either turn off JAWS and switch to Narrator before attempting to cut, copy, and paste anything in a Word 2016 document. “Or,” just switch to Narrator when working in Microsoft Word 2016.

As far as contacting Microsoft about a problem that isn’t showing itself to exist when using Microsoft’s own screen reader in Word 2016? “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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