JAWS 18.0.2945 Freezes Excel 2016 Office 365 Version: Windows Software: Accessible Web Host’s 101.

So, like, I’m working in Microsoft Excel 2016; having an office 365 subscription and it frequently freezes on “all” my machines. JAWS goes quiet and I can’t even get narrator to turn on at this point.

Perhaps VFO Group’s President and CEO, Tom Tiernan, Vice President of Software Product Management, Eric Damery, or Vice President of Enterprise Services, Matt Ater could figure out what’s going on with JAWS and fix the damn thing. After all; according to information provided online, “VFO is a leading global accessibility solutions provider with the VFO brands, Freedom Scientific, Optelec, and Ai Squared, having a long history of developing and providing innovative assistive technology solutions.”

In the audio file provided above I reference the Excel sheet I use for doing my bills. It is a multi-sheet file, however, it’s not the only one I work with and the behavior is always the same.

When working in Excel for the first five minutes or so; things function normally. But after that it all goes to hell and I get the honor of spending the next five minutes attempting to gain some semblance of control over my Windows 10 powered computers.

It seems to me that this freezing problem between JAWS and Excel is triggered when I arrow to the right after one of my entries in a Column has been automatically completed by the Excel program. It’s happened when I’ve arrowed up or down, too. However, it would seem that the auto completion in Excel is definitely the trigger.

I’ve tested Narrator in Excel and it doesn’t give me the grief that JAWS does. So, “Yeah,” even this non-software programmer has enough brains to know that the problem definitely has to do with the way “JAWS” interacts with Excel.

I didn’t start having trouble with Excel and JAWS until I upgraded to Version 18.0.2945. I’d go back to an earlier version. But, having already taken the Windows 10 Creator download I’m stuck with things as they are. If Narrator had better voices I’d use that and just say the hell with it.

But, I’ve been giving my money to the creators of JAWS for over a decade and a half and expect that the developers providing me with this innovative assistive technology, “For A Fee,” will come up with a solution, soon. That is what I pay them for, “Right?”

I would call VFO Tech support for assistance with this issue. However, I’m certain that if they didn’t try to get me to call the Microsoft Accessibility number; we would have a conversation that pretty much leaves me, and more than likely, other people like me, in the position I’m at with it right now. “Nowhere.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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