No Longer Free Is Making Akismet Hardly Worth It To Me: WordPress: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

On Friday, October 14, 2016 I reactivated comments across the board on this site. I had disabled them for a few months due to Comment Spam and a bit of stalking from one cranky assed bitch of a business owner from Stanhope NJ. However, after waking from a dream in which I was reactivating the comments on this site I figured that was my cue to do it in reality. So, “I did,” and so far so good.

I did look into the Akismet plugin for WordPress; intending to use that for managing the comment spam. However, the pricing sucked and my gut said it wouldn’t be worth it.

Too, there is the fact that, because Akismet checks the potential spam comments folks attempt to post on your WordPress powered site against their own databases, there is extra bandwidth being used. On a high traffic site; do you really want to be using any more bandwidth than you have to? “I know I don’t!”

So, I configured the site in such a way that would allow me to keep my sanity when the flood of spam posts started up again. It involves tossing anything that shows up with a link in it into the trash bin. This is because most folk’s leaving comments with links in them on my site are only doing it for self-promotional purposes; in most cases not even being real people at all.

“Do I check the trash for legitimate comments?” Once a day I most certainly do. However, it is really rare that my kind of an audience will need to embed a link back to their own site from this one. So, my using the trash bin in this instance saves me the pain of receiving massive emails from my site about posts that are mostly garbage.

Those posts that don’t have any links post immediately. I then get an email about the new more than likely legitimate posts being made and everyone is happy.

Those legitimate posts that include a URL do not post immediately and are tossed in the trash bin too. But, given today’s environment; I think anyone who truly knows the internet knows that their adding a link (even if it is a legitimate one) isn’t going to do their site any favors. This is because; as most of us know: the nofollow attribute is added on most platforms that accept comments as a part of their environment. Therefore; Google and other search engines don’t pay attention to the links.

Therefore, those few legitimate visitors to this site who feel the need to add links to comments left here will just have to wait until I take out the day’s trash before they are discovered. “True,” is the fact that I could kill the field folks might attempt to put their web address into. However, leaving it there does serve the purpose of separating the self-promoters from the rest of the crowd.

Some people have left legitimate comments at this domain in the past that did have some real value. However, the only reason they really did it was so they could advance their own agenda; seeking to use this site for their own purposes; attempting to bring attention to their church, personal business, or other organization. While, this in and of itself is of no harm to my own site’s ranking, at least by having to pull them out of the scrap heap I’m the one who gets to determine as to whether or not the URL they provide really is worthy of being added to Brian Schnabel Online.

The only other real way to deal with spam cheaply would have involved me making everyone register to leave a comment. However, my sense was that forcing folks to register really wouldn’t have been the way to go; spammers often attempting to register accounts, too.

So, by using the built in tools that come with a plugin free version of WordPress, I’m able to manage spam just fine. No mess, no fuss, “No Fees!”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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