Best SEO In WordPress Is Out Of The Box: WordPress: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

Sometimes as I watch my server records I swear that the good folks at Google are laughing at us all. We want to know how they index things. They don’t want us to fill their directories with spam. Better still; they would prefer we pay them for inclusion in their directories.

However, this scenario could be easily said of companies like Bing as well. At the end of the day it really is all about the money. They want it and we often don’t have it to give them.

So, running the WordPress platform since 2009; here’s what I’ve figured out with regard to SEO (search Engine Optimization) for WordPress. It’s not complicated and is much easier than you would be led to believe at times, even reading WordPress’s own site.

WordPress runs best right out of the box. SEO plugins equal a lot of unnecessary work given the fact that the feeds built into the WordPress platform are more or less looked at as a site map in their own right. Both Google and Bing accept feed submissions as a part of their respective Webmaster Tools; treating feed submissions the same as site map submissions. So, if you already have a well-planned out site and aren’t making it up as you go, “Fancy plugins and crazy schemes for attracting a search engines attention; you just don’t need.”

While some still swear by Meta Tags; Microsoft told us years ago that their indexing software will only use them for a point of reference; meta tags helping them to determine whether or not your site is junk or not. Sometimes search engines utilize them and sometimes they don’t. So, worrying about adding them to your site via a plugin is rather pointless.

I seem to recall, too, Google indicating something to that effect, as well. But that’s not to say that there aren’t a few things one couldn’t do to help themselves.

It’s been my observation that short links are preferable to long ones. Depending upon what the content is; you’re probably going to want to keep your post titles under 65 characters in length; spaces and all.

A robots file indicating that you’re feed is your sitemap is a smart addition, too. WordPress doesn’t have a virtual Robots file; despite what some will tell you. So creating one and uploading it to your site’s root directory is a smart idea.

“Now,” you’ll want to pay attention carefully here because many people have screwed the pooch on this one so badly it isn’t funny. It has to do with your site content and effectively being indexed in the search engines without paying for it.

If you’ve built a site for the purpose of making money and expect to avoid paying advertising fees, “Forget it!” It’s just not going to work out like you would think.

Affiliate links and links to sites like PayPal tell the search engines exactly what you are up to. Therefore, since you aren’t paying them for advertising, they aren’t going to help you.

Even with minimal to know PayPal type or Affiliate Marketing type links; if your sight screams “commercial intentions” you’re pretty much screwed. But the good news is that you can still conduct business with low overhead by making use of audio and video files hosted on your own website. If you’re thinking that I’m talking about a radio or TV type advertisement being imbedded into your posts rather than something that is text based, “You’d be correct.”

The internet is text driven. While some search engines have been dabbling in the fine art of accurately identifying what a graphic file contains (words and all); no search engine I know of has the ability to efficiently explore and accurately detect the message being delivered in an audio or video file.

Accurately identifying everything you said in a MP3 or MPG file would take up a lot of a computer’s resources; making it virtually impossible for a company like Google to check every file on everyone’s site without downing their own network. So, doing audio and video advertising on your own site would be your best bet where any specific talk about any products and services and their fees are concerned.

So, “Yeah,” out of the box; WordPress is pretty much ready to go as a website platform for delivering your message, including products and services to the web. With built in embedded audio and video capability; WordPress without the extra plugins and extra crap is better than ever SEO wise, “All on its own.”

Author: Brian Schnabel

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