You Don’t Need A Microsoft Word WordPress Plugin: WordPress: Accessible Web Host’s Internet 101.

If you are pasting documents from Microsoft Word into the WordPress Editor and are having trouble with unwanted formatting being transferred from Word to WordPress; using a WordPress plugin to solve your problem is far from necessary and overkill. This is because the problem is easily resolved by simply insuring that you’ve selected “Only” the text in Microsoft Word up to the very last character and, “Not beyond.”

If you’ve been using Microsoft Word as Long as I have; you’ve probably noticed that when you select text in a document, Word tends to capture space beyond the very last visible character in a document. When this happens the formatting in your word document is often transferred into the Visual Editor in WordPress, “Unwanted formatting, lousy code and all.”

So, you’re probably wondering, “How do we fix this without using a Plugin,” right? Well… I’m here to tell you that today is your lucky day.

The solution is as simple as highlighting the text you want to paste into WordPress’s Visual Editor, “First.” Then, simply hold down the shift key on your keyboard and press the left arrow key on your keyboard, “Once.” Then copy your selection to the clip board and paste into the Visual Editor on your WordPress powered site.

By holding down the shift key and tapping the left arrow “only once” you might not notice any difference on your screen. But, if you are using a screen reader like JAWS for Windows you will hear the screen reader speak the word, “Blank unselected.”

“And,” that’s all there is too it. If you are looking to paste a document into WordPress that contains pictures; your best bet is to learn how to use Microsoft Word as a desktop blogger. There are plenty of guides on the web, including Microsoft’s own website, which can help you do this with great ease.

The advantage to using Word as desktop blogging software; when it comes to pictures being incorporated into a post, Microsoft Word will upload the picture and provide the necessary tags for displaying it in just one click. “However,” it should be noted that you do not want to play with Word’s default font settings (beyond numbered lists, bulleted lists, text-alignment, bold face and adding headings) if you want the font of your document to acquire the font that your WordPress Theme is using.

Author: Brian Schnabel

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